5 Secrets to Prettier Feet

I love great shoes so much that I collect them. The best way I enjoy them is by taking care of my feet, so I can wear what I want, whenever I want. Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked to a foot care expert, so I sat down with UCLA Podiatrist, Dr. Singer. He provided some real medical advice on taking care of my feet. Sometimes, it’s nice to get insights from a doctor without worrying about my co-pay. What’s neat is that a few of his statements totally surprised me!

Secret #1 Did you know that if your shoes are too big you can get ingrown toenails or fat toe nails?

I always thought it was a good idea to have some extra room in my shoes, so my toes didn’t feel squished. For some shoe styles, I went up a half a whole shoe size. Dr. Singer told me this is a bad idea for a few reasons:

  1. You can get ingrown toenails or thicker toenails when your feet slide forward in your shoes. For example, if you are walking downhill and your shoes are too big, it causes the toes to repeatedly bang into the end of the shoe.
  2. You have a greater risk of falling down. When your shoe is too big, it slips off your heel.  Singer has treated several patients who made this mistake.

By buying the correct sized shoe, it actually makes your feet prettier by preventing ingrown toenails or extra thick toenails. Take the time to make sure you’re in the right shoe size, and if you ever doubt them, INSIST on getting measured!

Secret #2 Did you know that spending time ensuring your dress shoes fit properly is just as important as spending time to make sure your workout shoes fit properly?

People don’t always ask Dr. Singer about how their shoe fits. In general, it only comes up if someone has symptoms, but most people don’t bother to ask. What’s funny is that he can’t remember a woman ever asking him about her dress shoes, they’ll ask about their athletic shoes. Probably because working out seems to be more high impact than anything you’d do in your dress shoes. But it’s just as important to make sure those work shoes are fitting properly as most of us spend more time in them than our workout shoes.


Secret #3 There’s actually a right and a wrong way to take care of blisters in order to prevent scars.

According to Dr. Singer, if you have a blister, the best thing you can do is get a sharp clean object to drain the blister. Open the blister, drain the fluid, you can soak in warm water with hydrogen peroxide or Epsom salt, and then put antibiotic cream and cover it with a band aid. The worst thing you could do is remove the skin that’s on top of the blister. That’s because the skin that’s sitting there acts like a biological band aid, you can cover it with an additional band aid, but removing the skin will increase chance of infection, be painful, can scar, or create rough skin.


Secret #4 Moisturizing your feet is really important! 

This seems like a no brainer. Yet, we often stop at our ankles with our moisturizer because we don’t want our feet to slip on the floor or get our shoes filled with toe goo. Dr. Singer suggests moisturizing your feet at night, so you can slip into your dreams and not on the floor. We are loving coconut oil to moisturize feet and wipe off the excess with a dry washcloth. (Use Baby Wipes to clean toe goo inside shoes, this advice from a luxury expert at The RealReal.)


Secret #5  Reduce puffy feet with a cold soak at the end of a long day, so that you’re ready for a long night in some pretty shoes. 

Do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes to soak your feet in cold water or ice down the area. This will help get rid of some of the fluid in your feet and the puffiness, especially if you’ve been standing all day, gravity has pulled all the fluid in your body down to your feet. By icing them down or putting them in cold water, it will physically decrease the inflammation. When the inflammation goes down, your feet will feel refreshed and fabulous.

Your shoes will look better and be more comfortable when you try these tips as well as utilize our shoe shapers.