This is why my feet love heels again!

I have never been one to love wearing high heels. I was the first person to take mine off at every single party and that bad (and admittedly gross) habitat followed me into wedding season. In my mind heels were meant to be worn for pictures (if you have an amazing night but not an amazing picture to show for it, did the night even happen?) and then taken off when it was time to hit the dance floor. It’s what I did, it’s what all the other girls did, it just seemed like that was the way things were.

Enter Formé ShoeShapers- the life changing product that really does let you wear your shoes for hours not minutes.  Honestly, I was skeptical and thought nothing could change the pain of heels or even new shoes.  I was wrong!  I found I could wear my heels for a full action packed day- no “my feet are killing me” thoughts. I put the product to the test the other day when I opted to wear my pink suede Sam Edelman Heels. The pointy toed beauties are amazing, but admittedly not the most comfortable shoes. I liked wearing them for an hour- maybe two or three if I was feeling really great that day- and then finding a reason to take them off. A full day with no shoe breaks seemed daunting to say the least.

Here's my day:

Morning- When I put the shoes on I could already feel the difference- the product had stretched out the toe box and my toes had more room. With noticeably more comfortable shoes I began my day. I took the Metro to work- the stop is just a short walk from our office. I love taking the Metro, it’s easy and since someone else is doing the driving I can read, look at my phone, or just space out until it’s my stop. The people watching is another fun part.

Work- Can I just say- I love my job. I work at Formé and we have a Creative Shared Workspace that includes a bunch of other companies. The environment and atmosphere just breeds creativity and collaboration! While there are definitely times where I am sitting and working at a desk I make sure to walk around the office, grab some coffee or tea, at check in with everyone. Whether it’s a quick meeting with the team or talking to a coworker I’m on the move a lot. And my feet? They felt amazing.

Lunch- Another reason I love the Metro? I always have enough time to hop on and take a quick little lunch break at the platform in Culver City. Of course, today I opted for ice cream because I wanted to treat myself (and match my outfit). The highlight of the day was getting to pet an adorable husky puppy, the best part was that I was so comfortable in my heels I didn't hesitate to run after the owner and her dog asking if I could pet it. Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? Yes!  Puppy breaks should be a mandatory part of every work day.

Shopping- With a full day of work behind me (and ice cream in my belly) I decided to end the day shopping around, because is there really any other way to end the day? Confession- I did take off my heels to try on clothes (like the Cynthia Rowley wetsuit below) but my feet really didn’t hurt! The Formé made more room in the toe area so my feet still felt great in the afternoon.  It’s hard to believe but I feel amazing, I could do it all over again tomorrow.

In the past if you would have asked me to spend a full day in high heels (without taking them off at all) I would have hated the idea. I was always the girl that brought extra flats in her purse, or just resorted to walking around barefoot. I even tried taping my toes together!  I read that in some fashion magazine and gave it a try.  It didn't work.  The pain that I used to associate with high heels was the worst. Now? I could do it everyday. My feet have been saved and now I can wear whatever I want whenever I want. There's no such thing as a pair of shoes that I can't wear. 

At the end of the day I put Formé back into my shoes to make them ready to wear again.  It's so easy!

Insert Forme into shoes to stretch toe area of uncomfortable pink shoes


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