A Solution To Shoe Discomfort

Does it ever feel like you’re wearing two completely different shoes? When was the last time you measured your foot? Truth be told, the last time I remember measuring my foot I was still in grade school. And since then? Trial and error. I’m pretty sure I’m a size seven, but I’ve honestly never measured my feet, and I’m not alone. A recent study by the U.K. College of Podiatry revealed that roughly 50 percent of all women (and 70 percent of all men) buy the wrong sized shoes.  

According to the foot experts, your feet change size all the time. An increase in activity like running or yoga can cause them to grow, or a decrease in activity can cause them to shrink. What’s even more interesting is that our feet are actually different sizes. Almost everyone is born with one foot that is bigger than the other and 48 percent of women have at least a ½ size difference.

Feet on Brannock Device to measure size difference for shoe comfort

All this means is that you better start stepping on that silver thing that measures your feet (it’s called a Brannock device - just found that out) and being vigilant about your changing mismatched feet. It sounds somewhat tedious, but your feet will thank you! Wearing the wrong size can cause some serious problems (besides the immediate discomfort).

When you wear the incorrect shoe size, whether too big or too small, your foot then begins to compensate for whatever is missing, your walk is slightly changed, muscles become strained, and all of this is really bad for your feet. When your shoe is properly sized to your foot, this doesn’t happen. Boots were made for walking, they just have to be the right sized boot.

This is an easily solvable problem, all we have to do is visit the shoe store for a quick “check-in”…as if we really needed a reason! Pop in and measure your feet on that Brannock device. If you find that your size has changed, embrace the new size…and buy a few additional pairs …I think this falls under a  “Doctor’s Orders”.

Blue pumps with Forme Shoe Shapers to shoes more comfortable

As much fun as buying shoes can be, there are some shoes you can never find a duplicate pair of, which means sometimes your shoes that seem a little too tight can’t be replaced as easily as you’d like. Now that you have identified the problem of why your feet seem to like some pairs of shoes better on some days more than others or why the boots you love sometimes don’t seem to love your feet back, it’s time to find a solution.

Shoefie on iphone of blue heels and Forme ShoeShapers

Our shoe shapers from Forme are the latest and - dare we say - greatest in figuring out how to make your shoes even more comfortable. When we wear those shoes we love that may be in the incorrect size because we haven’t been measured in some time, we can use the shoe shaper to make them even more comfortable and form fitting. Stretch those tight shoes, eliminate painful blisters by making your favorite heels all the way to your sneakers way more wearable with the shoe shaper. From new to old pairs of shoes, we can easily solve your shoe situation with an item that will break your shoes in without making your feet pay for beauty.


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