Is Graffiti Art or a Crime? 🤔


From dark alleys to train yards, under bridges and on rooftops, graffiti sprawls inconspicuously in the art world, but cops and city planners arrest these artists (or criminals?) in an attempt to make them stop. Yet, today it is brought together in unprecedented celebration at LA’s newest traveling (Miami & NYC) exhibit. Decide for yourself as you explore “Beyond the Streets” with Formé and some of our friends.

A Los Angeles Art Exhibit in Downtown LA, “Beyond the Streets” is a must-see independent exhibition of more than 100 international graffiti and street artists. The show stretches over 40,000 square feet of industrial indoor and outdoor space, creating a vibrant maze of colorful displays that offer more than just the perfect backdrop for your latest Instagram (although we’d be lying if we said it won’t improve your ‘gram feed) – this exhibit is truly an exploration through one of the most overlooked and often polarizing forms of art.

Far exceeding a simple graffiti showcase, “Beyond the Streets” traces street art from the movement’s birth over fifty years ago through its blossoming transformation to the remarkable, accepted art form it is today. Oftentimes illegal, graffiti is a medium traditionally aimed to be seen outside the walls of museums. Yet, here it stands, collected by graffiti historian Roger Gustman inside the compelling temporary museum space that is "Beyond the Streets." The mere existence of the exhibit illustrates street art’s nascent acceptance and praise in society, and foretells an ever-growing, ever-bright future for the movement. "Beyond the Streets" captures street art in its entirety, featuring the bold pioneers of graffiti, many who were teenagers in the late 1960s, juxtaposed alongside the young artists who are at the forefront of the movement today.

Whether you seek the immersive installations, the vivid environments, the Los Angeles-specific highlights, or the elaborate visual textures – this exhibit has it all. Adventure with Formé through our photo gallery to experience a breath of the amazement for yourself…