Revisit Carrie Bradshaw and her Friends' Shoe Obsessions

Take a minute to travel back in time with us and revisit Carrie Bradshaw and her friend's shoe obsession along with our picks for what the women would wear today if they shopped on Net-a-Porter. Do you agree with our predictions?

It’s been 20 years since Carrie Bradshaw and her crew graced the screen with “Sex and the City.” Among their fun-filled shenanigans, the women made fashion statements that stood the test of time. Bradshaw especially had a passion for fashion, more specifically footwear, leading the pack with the most outrageous styles from mismatched heels to knee-high socks.

No salary, no problem! Even though Carrie was a freelance journalist, she had the budget of a millionaire as she splurged on designer shoe after designer shoe (let us in on this income secret, Hollywood!). Her actions demonstrated to the world that even while some of her financial choices were irresponsible, women are free to spend their hard-earned money as they please, and for that, we’re forever grateful. Each episode was a fashion feast, as Bradshaw threw together looks that were in part fabulous, fantastical, and sometimes downright crazy. From opening a wedding registry at Manolo Blahnik to spending over $40,000 on shoes, Bradshaw always gave fashion her all.

Although two decades have come and gone, Carrie’s looks are timeless. To honor the 20th Anniversary of “Sex and the City,” explore our photo gallery where we curated our top 5 favorite Carrie Bradshaw shoe moments, as well as made predictions on what shoes the whole crew would rock today in a 2018 reboot.

“Hello, lover!” Carrie iconically swooned as she walked upon these hot-pink Louboutins in Season 4, Episode 18 (“I Heart NY”). She decides to purchase the ruffled sandals for her last date with Mr. Big — but when heavily pregnant Miranda’s water breaks, the shoes wind up drenched.


We predict with her wild sense of style but fine sense of fashion, Carrie Bradshaw would rock these eclectic, bright, trending Alaia "Bombe Studded Suede Sandals" in 2018.


In Season 3, Episode 17 (“What Goes Around Comes Around”), Carrie is famously robbed of her designer shoes by a man with serious sartorial knowledge. The pair in question: Manolo Blahnik’s red ankle-strap heels.
“Please, sir, they’re my favorite pair!” she begs to no avail.


These sky-high, metallic Aquazzura pumps would place the queen of all things sexy, Samantha Jones, in her usual spotlight as the life of the party in a 2018 reboot.


In the first Sex and the City movie, Mr. Big proposes to Carrie with Manolo Blahnik’s royal blue satin Hangisi pumps, which she later wears to their wedding.


Although she may not be dancing to "Gucci Gang," the modest, feminine, and preppy Charlotte York would certainly work these fabulous Gucci mules in a 2018 reboot.


In Season 4, Episode 17 (“A Vogue Idea”), Carrie takes a tour of Vogue's famous fashion closet. She is shocked to discover that Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes are not, in fact, an “urban shoe myth.”


We predict the empowered, successful businesswoman of the crew, Miranda Hobbes, would kill the office in these traditional yet fabulous Gucci heels.


When Carrie attends her friend Kyra’s baby shower in Season 6, Episode 9 (“A Woman’s Right to Shoes”), her beloved open-toed silver Manolos are stolen. To add insult to injury, Kyra then “shoe-shames” her for spending so much and refuses to pay Carrie back for them.
In response, Carrie opens a wedding registry at Manolo Blahnik and leaves Kyra an epic voicemail: “Hi, I wanted to let you know that I’m getting married. To myself. And I’m registered at Manolo Blahnik.” She got her way and received new replacements.