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Havana is the vivid, rich capital of the Caribbean island of Cuba. Two of the most celebrated destinations in this colorful city are Old Havana and the Cabret Tropicana.

The celebrated Old Havana, founded in 1519, lies at the center of the now vast Havana, Cuba. A historic treasure, it maintains a unity of a remarkable baroque/ neoclassical character that spans from its myriad of enchanting buildings and monuments. Its eclectic style has managed to not only survive but thrive for half a millennium, much thanks to the town’s extensive, surrounding network of elaborate defensive stone fortifications, a product of the exceptional function of its bay as an obligatory stop on the old maritime route to the New World. What initially started as a necessary means of defensive protection now stands tall as one of the largest, most impressive colonial stone fortresses in the Americas. On top of its scintillating architecture, the city center attracts hundreds of street performers devoted to putting on fascinating shows for the numerous visitors. Old Havana holds centuries of colorful history and rich culture that make it the epicenter of Havana’s social life and excitement.

The Cabaret Tropicana is a world famous cabaret and night club in Havana, stationed on a six-acre estate of lush tropical gardens in the city’s Marianao neighborhood. Its slogan as a “paradise under the stars” is no hyperbole: the outdoor, tropical setting is as spectacular as the nightly shows. The Tropicana introduced the concept of showgirls to the world for the first time with their “Las Diosas de Carne” (Flesh Goddesses), who became famous for their flashy voluptuousness, elaborate costumes, and unrestrained dance style which would be emulated globally as the precedent for showgirls. The entire show is a dazzling experience that makes for an unforgettable night.

These stunning pictures were taken on our founder's recent trip there!