Did you know that celebrates use weed so their heels don't hurt?

🌿 Did you know that celebrates use weed so their heels don't hurt? 🌿

Well, actually it's CBD oil rubbed on feet to help eliminate soreness from wearing killer heels all night. Can you guess which ones are using it?

Awards season means high heel season for celebrities, but standing for hours on the red carpet in sky high heels can be painful! So, this awards season, some celebrities have turned to a new "hack" using numbing CBD lotion to make their heels more comfortable.

Why CBD? Sounds crazy, but CBD works as a "multi-target" therapy that can treat many things, including pain and inflammation. CBD oil is a substance extracted from the cannabis plant by steam distillation. Because of it's ability to soothe aching feet and prevent inflammation, CBD lotion is the new buzz product in Hollywood.

Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Sarah Paulson and Busy Phillips and Celebrity Stylists like Karla Welch, have all spoken out about their use of CBD to ease foot pain. Check out our pictures from the Golden Globes last night and see if you can tell who is using the CBD "hack" and who isn't. What do you think?

Emily Blunt looked stunning in an Alexander McQueen dress alongside her husband John Krasinski. We don't know if she was using CBD oil on her feet but she sure looked confident and comfortable!


An up close shot to Emily Blunt's shoes. Her feet look pretty comfortable in those heels... no redness or pinching. Is CBD oil her secret?


Do you want to try this hack for yourself? We recommend the high quality formulation from Revive CBD Balm from Leef Organics. It can be used for more than just foot pain too! People have used CBD oil for anything from menstrual cramps to back pain.


Nicole Kidman is effortlessly strutting in glitzy maroon Michael Kors Collection dress. She accessorized with ruby and diamond earrings from Harry Winston and a velvet Jennifer Behr bow and black slingbacks. Did she use CBD lotion to ease the pain of those beautiful shoes?



Sarah Paulson and her Stylist Karla Welch have been open about their use of CBD oil in order to stand for hours in high heels. And Sarah looked amazing in Valentino at the Golden Globes last night, so clearly it helped!


Laura Harrier wore a long gown and black and silver slingbacks. She looked elegant on the red carpet... did CBD oil help her glide gracefully all night?



Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams are BFFS, and they BOTH use CBD oil on their feet to help with long hours in painful shoes. Besties who look cute together also find hacks to stay comfy together!

Judy Greer was also styled by Karla Welch. Maybe she shared her CBD hack with her as well. She definitely styled her to perfection!