Formé Shoe Shaper: Insider Preview at Neiman Marcus Highlights

 We are happy to tell you that Formé Shoe Shapers are officially launched at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills! This was no normal launch; however, it was complete with shoe shaper floral bouquets imagined by Eddie Zaratsian, Moët Champagne, Sugarfina champagne gummy bears, Ladurée macaroons and shoefie (shoe selfie) platforms. Formé and friends celebrated one another among the beauty of the flowers, friends and fabulous shoes. Enjoy the beauty in our pictures! Keep in mind that if you want your own shoe shapers from Formé, then place an order


Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus Insider Preview

A Beautiful Setting in the Neiman Marcus Shoe Salon


Formé ShoeShapers at Neiman Marcus Flowers by Eddie Zaratsian

The Formé Shoe Shapers have arrived!


Jimmy Choo Formé ShoeShaper Shoefie

A Jimmy Choo Shoefie


Katrell Duncan Maureen Stockton Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus Preview

Katrell & Maureen Strike a pose...Not Her First Time!


Formé ShoeShapers at Neiman Marcus Allie Cooke

Checking Out The Formé Shoe Shapers!


stylewyn Formé ShoeShaper Insider Preview

Wynne Kicks Up Her Heel With Us


sugarfina champagne gummy bears Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus

Two Fab Ways To Enjoy Champagne

Formé ShoeShapers at Neiman Marcus Pardis Zomorodi and Kristi Nelson

We Refuse To Caption This Photo...

Lizette Trent Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus

Lizette Rocked The Shoefie Platform

Farrah Shoe Platform Formé Neiman Marcus

...Not To Be Outdone!


Cece Feiler Jaye Eigler Terry Hammermesh Maureen Stockton Tobey Cotsen Sandra Devereaux Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus

"We Show Up...That's What We Do!"

Lisa Adams LA Closet Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus

Lisa Adams Of LA Closet Design


Manolo Blahnik Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus

Manolo Blahnik Ruby "Slippers" With Formé Shoe Shapers


maureen stockton and Chris James Neiman Marcus and Formé ShoeShaper

Chris James Asst. GM Of Neiman Marcus BH With Maureen Stockton, Founder & Inventor of Formé Shoe Shapers


Kevin Bethune and Maureen Stockton and David Strom and Bob Tucker at Formé ShoeShapers Neiman Marcus Event

The Design And Engineering Talent Behind The Magic Of Formé — Kevin Bethune, Maureen Stockton, Bob Tucker And Our Chief Engineer, David Strom

Ladurée at Formé ShoeShapers and Neiman Marcus Insider Preview

Shoe Shopping Requires Nourishment

Moet Champagne served at Formé ShoeShaper Neiman Marcus Insider Preview

...And A Cool Refreshing Beverage

Maureen Stockton and Lisa Adams and Penny Rhodes at Neiman Marcus Formé ShoeShaper Insider Preview

Kisses For Supportive Friends!

Maureen Stockton and Bryan Stockton and Katrell Duncan at Neiman Marcus Formé ShoeShaper Insider Event

"The Family" The Love And Support Is Real!

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