How do you create a fun shoe event on a budget?

We had a tight budget when we launched Formé at Neiman Marcus in Topanga so we enlisted the help of some talented people to help us get creative and save some money. "On a budget at Neiman Marcus" may sound silly, but everyone loves to take care of their cash and we are a Start-Up!

Our first pick was Eddie Zaratsian to help make a festive vibe...he suggested candy...lots of it!  Check out his incredible and dramatic work on IG.  His posts are fantastic.  Eddie has dreamed up dramatic florals and settings for Chanel, Kate Spade, the Kardashians and even Oprah.  Eddie cleverly filled our Shoefie platform (for shoe selfies) with pink, blue and pearl gumballs.  We saved lots of money by ordering the candy from Amazon.  He also created the beautiful pink silk dupioni backdrop to showcase our product (and we can re-use it).

Our friends and family came and enjoyed some delicious Sugarfina champagne gummy bears (you can never have too much candy) and took lots of Shoefies on the gumball filled platforms.

Eddie designed such a colorful and playful display! It was a huge hit with everyone who came to the event (including this beyond adorable future shoe lover). 

What made this event so special is that some people started telling us their stories about their own experiences with Formé Shoe Shapers. One of our shoe lovers used her Formè Shoe Shapers in a pair of heels she bought 10 years ago! They completely brought her old shoes back to life. Just look at the difference!  These shoes mean so much to Liz.  She purchased them when she needed a bit of an emotional "kick" and they have become her favorite mood enhancer.  Unfortunately, they started showing signs of wear and she was about to donate them...until she got a pair of Formé Shoe Shapers.  Liz placed the Formé in her shoes overnight and they transformed them into her favorites once again.  She has a saying "Don't step on my blue silk shoes"...when she needs a little lift. These beauties are now back among her powerful favorites and she saved some money and time by not replacing them.

 At this event we brought a sign for people to hold up that said "I Am Confident" because when you're shoes look great and are comfortable you honestly feel unstoppable. Confidence is key and Formé is the key to unlocking that confidence!

Of course since this event was all about shoe love (especially summer shoe fashion) everyone put on their best pair of shoes. Take a look at some of our favorite shoefies below!

These So Kate Louboutins are amazing, and now thanks to Formé Shoe Shapers they're also incredibly comfortable. Shoes become more valuable and a better investment when you can wear them as much as you hope (we have all done it when shoe imagine ALL the possible places those magic shoes can take you).  Who wouldn't want to wear a gorgeous shoe like this for hours?  Formé makes it possible and your investment is worth more!

Louboutins are such show stealers! And what's better than one pair of Louboutins? Two!

Capturing the true art of the shoe selfie! These sneakers are definitely the shoe of the summer (and all the other seasons). The amazing thing about Formé is that it can stop beautiful sneakers like these from looking old and wrinkly. If you've got some fresh kicks, you want to keep them looking fresh.

This event was a sweet success! The decorations were fun and economical and everyone enjoyed themselves. Friends, family (and even a cute dog) got to listen to all the benefits of Formé, enjoy some tasty gummy bears and macaroons and even tastier fashion all thanks to the revolutionary new Formé Shoe Shapers!  


One last money saving tip...use fun colors to create a festive mood and provide amazing photo ops for your guests.  We limited our palette to the blue, pink and pearl (and picked up the flowers at our local Farmers Market to save even more $$$...they are 75% less than retail).