Grab your cookies, cocoa, and comfy socks for our top 8 holiday movie picks! 😍 Do you recognize their best fashion moments?

Whether the weather outside is frightful (or you're just in the mood for something delightful), there's no better way to get in the holiday spirit than through holiday movies - and no better movie than one that gets our fashion senses tingling.

What's your favorite holiday movie that gets you in the festive fashion spirit?

Love, Actually (2003)

This charming holiday rom-com follows a dozen couples' love stories and is full of warmth and laughs. Our favorite look is Juliet's (Keira Knightley) iconic white cableknit sweater crop top that we catch her casually lounging around the house in when Mark (Andrew Lincoln) drops by to confess his love for her. Can you believe Keira Knightley was just 17 when filming this movie?


When Harry Met Sally (1989)

This timeless rom-com still gives us fashion delight even 25 years later. Sally (Meg Ryan) proves time and time again in this movie that basics can be fabulous, but we especially love this simple red-sweater/black skirt ensemble because Sally wears it in the scene immediately after Harry (Billy Crystal) tells her, “I think you should wear skirts more. You look really good in skirts.” And she DOES! Not to mention that they both are rocking the cableknit sweater look! Adorable.


Last Holiday (2006)

This lovable, uplifting comedy is the treat yourself themed movie the world needs. Georgia (Queen Latifah) leads numerous extravagant adventures throughout the film, but her sweetheart-cut, flowing red dress steals the show.


Holiday (2006)

Seasonal and sweet, this "feel good" chick flick follows two converging holiday love stories that bring as many laughs as they do smiles. Even though she's supposed to be born and raised in LA, Cameron Diaz's character Amanda Woods has fabulous taste in outerwear that she shows off all movie long during her London escapade. Our favorite: this black and white sherpa detailed long coat.


White Christmas (1954)

This fun-filled classic throws elaborate costume after elaborate costume our way in its lavish dance-musical numbers. Every outfit the sisters wear during the film is more glamorous than the last, but nothing beats Judy's (Vera-Ellen) white sparkly leotard during the "Mandy" number.


Four Christmases (2008)

Kate (Reese Witherspoon) may be mourning the fact she has to spend Christmas with four different families instead of on a tropical vacation - hence the all-black outfit - but she looks impossibly chic throughout the entire day, and somehow manages to stand in her Louboutins for a full 24 hours. Now that’s inspiring.


It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

This classic is a must-watch every holiday season!
We forever adore Mary's (Donna Reed) feminine look here, a full-skirted dress with elegant embroidery around the neckline and hem complete with a timeless pearl necklace. It's the look that stole George (Jimmy Stewart) away!


The Princess Switch (2018)

Light and fun, this new Netflix original is a Christmas take on the Parent Trap. Here girl-next-door baker Stacy De Nevo (Vanessa Hudgens) gets to play princess for the day by pretending to be look-alike royal Lady Margaret Delacourt (also Vanessa Hudgens) who wants to spend a couple days as a normal girl. The result is this elegant maroon gown adorned with gold embroidery that is a look truly fit for queens.