Shoe Deal Turned Into A Shoe STEAL!

How did I turn a Deal into a STEAL?  

Chilling Poolside with Forme and Flowers

I saw a post on a secondhand website for a pair of Alice + Olivia Cobalt Blue Snakeskin high heels. The pictures made it look like they had never been worn before (and when I asked, the seller reported that they hadn’t been worn) but they were only being sold for $32. Admittedly I was suspicious, the retail price for a brand like Alice + Olivia is pretty high and if they had never been worn then they would be closer to retail price than 32 dollars!

After an impulse decision, I ordered the pumps. When they came in the mail they looked absolutely beautiful but when I tried to put them on I quickly realized why the seller was so willing to part with them at such a low price. They were the world’s most uncomfortable shoes!!!

I was in shock.  Just trying to slide my foot into them was extremely uncomfortable.  When I tried to walk around the toe area of the shoe was pinched in the most painful way- I knew that if I even tried to wear the shoes I would get a blister within minutes.

Fortunately, I had something that my seller did not have- Formé ShoeShapers. I got this gig as an Intern for the Founder and she asked me to try the product.  Originally I thought they would be great for my Mom and the paycheck would be great for me.  That all changed when I put them in my new shoes overnight. Although I knew what the product was capable of I was still wary, nothing could make those shoes comfortable, it might make it so that I could wear them for an hour or two but that’s it.

Forme shoe shapers inside shoes

The next morning, I woke up and hesitantly tried on my new colbalt heels- hoping for the best but Formé exceeded any hopes and expectations I had.

My shoes were so much more comfortable.  It was hard to believe I had tried on the same shoes only a day before. I was able to wear the shoes for a full day in the office and come home without any pain whatsoever. I even got a compliment on my shoes from a guy at the taco shop during lunch!  

Alice and Olivia Shoes

Forme shoes

If there is one thing I have learned, it's that Formé is about to seriously up my shoe game, because now I can buy all the shoes that are too uncomfortable for other people to wear. I have a secret weapon...and a pretty cool Internship...we all can wear amazing shoes to work everyday and even when we play!

Poolside with forme in designer shoes

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