How To Care For Louboutins

Louboutins are some of the most sought after high heels, their impossible to miss red sole is iconic.

We here at Formé have a weakness for Louboutins (who doesn't?) especially after we invented a product that not only makes the famously uncomfortable heels more comfortable by gently expanding the slim toe area,  but also keeps them from getting shoe wrinkles and protects their shape in the long run. After all, Louboutins are an investment, and why wouldn't you want to protect such a beautiful investment?

The first thing you should do when you buy a new pair of Louboutins? Protect that red sole! There are a lot of hacks on the internet for the best way to protect the famous red sole of your new high heel, but any cobbler will tell you that the best thing you can do is get a matching red rubber sole professionally attached to the bottom of your shoe. (As pictured below)

This red rubber sole will protect the color that you love so much as well as the shoe in general. It will make sure that the bottom of your shoe doesn't get scuffed and that red doesn't start to disappear.  You can also walk more confidently knowing you won't slip in the rain, or going down stairs.

One of the great things about Louboutin shoes is that the high heels come with extra heel taps, which is key to making sure that you shoe lasts for ages. According to a Christian Louboutin expert, Senior Director of Authentication at The RealReal, Graham Wetzbarger, replacing your heel taps regularly is the only way to protect the actual heel of the shoe and keep it looking new. "Never walk on a heel without a heel tap as you can ruin the integrity of the heel, and then replacements cannot be put on."

Another tip that Wetzbarger has? When wiping down your shoes at the end of the day, "Be wary of using commercial shoe polish that may not be suited to the quality of leather Louboutins are made with," he suggests simply using a soft dry cloth most days and for really bad cases getting them professionally cleaned. It might be more money, but having someone do it right is so worth it.  Did you know that most commercial shoe cleaning cloths have alcohol in them?  Monica Avakian is another trusted expert from the Real Real.  Monica suggests using baby wipes to clean the INSIDE of your shoes.  This is a great tip, especially during the warmth of summer!

Last but not least- storage. You might have read some of our other posts about shoe storage (if not be sure to check them out) but Louboutins are no exception. If you do not wear them on a regular basis than the best place for them is inside the shoe box, with a Formé shoe shaper inside. Unfortunately it means that they don't get to be out on display, but putting them in a shoe box with a Formé shoe shaper inside will help them keep their shape (and make them more comfortable) and the cardboard box will protect them from dust and sunlight. 

Finally, if they are part of your regular shoe rotation, store them with Formé Shoe Shapers in side, place them on your shoe shelf knowing they will be ready to wear for your next important meeting, lunch or a bit of fun!

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