I Kinda Have This Thing With Pink... 💌🍦🎂🌸

I Kinda Have This Thing With Pink... 💌🍦🎂🌸

Did you know?? Pink is the universal color of love, which makes it a perfect color to soothe. In fact, it has a proven soothing effect on one's behavior. You could almost say that, as a color, pink literally soothes the heart and fills it with love.

Check out some of the most perfectly pink places to visit... and the most perfect pink shoes to wear when you're there! Do you have some other suggestions? Please share a pic of your favorite pink shoes (in your real or dream closet).

Personally - a great pair of shoes fill us with love... especially if they're pink!


FANCY a tea party? Try the Lady Finger Tea Lounge in Boston

Tucked within the Garrison Inn lies a feminine lounge, gracefully designed to host the most perfectly pink tea parties. Sit back and relax and you sip on tasty tea and indulge in even tastier treats.

If you're going to the Lady Finger Tea Lounge and you want your shoes to perfectly match the decor try these Manolo Blahnik Light Pink Hangisi Crystal-buckle Satin Heels.

These shoes are a feminine classic that perfectly compliments the feminine decor at the tea lounge. Pair them with the adorable tea settings and you've got yourself the perfect 'gram!

If you happen to be in London, don't miss the Elan Cafe.

The good people behind this stunning cafe know exactly what Instagram loves... breathtaking floral displays and the color pink.

These guys dish up breakfasts, brunches, lunches, cake and coffee in a pink-hued paradise.

The Elan Cafe has some "notice-me" decor, so to match with the decor - try some "notice-me" shoes.

These Jimmy Choo Rosewood Painted Glitter Fabric Pointy Toe Pumps have just a hint of pink... but a lot of sparkle!

They'll be sure to stand out against the beautiful floral backdrops.

At Morning Glory in San Diego, you can snack on an incredible brunch and take in the even more fabulous pink chandelier!

This laid back brunch spot has also has amazing instagram opportunities. What more could a girl want?

Since the vibe at Morning Glory is so laid back - We advise entering the place in a beautiful Bright Pink Gucci Loafer.

With both ease and style, your shoes will perfectly say "It's just a coincidence that my shoes perfectly match the decor"

The Gallery at Sketch in London is a destination for food, drinks and art.

David Shrigley has transformed the Gallery at Sketch as part of a long-term program of artist-conceived restaurants. 239 new works line the restaurant’s walls!

These premium low top sneakers from Woman by Common Projects are the perfect way to arrive in style at The Gallery.

Many people find that they spend all day walking before entering their final destination in London. These shoes will keep you comfortable all day and make for a perfect 'gram later that night!


The Swan Ladies Room at Annabel Mayfair Nightclub is the hottest place in London.

Apparently it's incredibly common to rub elbows with someone famous and fabulous in this bathroom. So I might just live here until I meet Harry Styles...

Plus who doesn't want a picture of the rose quartz sink and gold swan faucets?

Since the Swan Ladies Room at Annabel Mayfair nightclub is the place to be - you have GOT to wear some killer shoes.

These Louboutins are absolute perfection. Not only do they work perfectly with the decor, they're also such a classically beautiful shoe that you're guaranteed to get compliments all night!

MaMa Kelly Amsterdam is a 230-seat thoroughly pink restaurant that serves only chicken and lobster and is located at the Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam’s outskirts.

This place is so unbelievably Instagrammable you could spend a whole afternoon there just taking pictures!


If you're going to be taking a million pictures at MaMa Kelly - wear some neon shoes!

These Steven Maddens have been spotted on loads of Instagram Bloggers and they've been proven to photograph well.

These shoes plus the irresistible decor at MaMa Kelly are going to make the most perfectly pink picture!