Introducing the Ferrari of shoe shapers: Formé

🏎 Introducing the "Ferrari of shoe shapers: Formé" - Katherine Riley, E! News. 🏎

There is no denying the design and performance of a Ferrari. There’s an unmistakable look to Ferarri’s today, and every contour serves a deliberate, purposeful function to route air around the car and improve performance.

It's a design that's so iconic, many designers have turned to it for inspiration. From Air Jordans to Ray-Bans, the Ferrari has sparked the imagination of many other designers.

Here at Formé, we might not know a lot about cars, but we do know a lot about shoes. Founder and Inventor of Formé, Maureen Stockton spent 4+ years on the design of Formé Shoe Shapers.

The sleek lines on the Ferrari spoke to Maureen. When she was designing these Shoe Shapers she wanted every part of them to serve a purpose. Formé is the intersection of function and beauty. Just like the Ferrari.

Maureen loves shoes, and she wanted to create the highest quality product she could. "I want to make sure they last and are really sturdy. I find it frustrating when I buy something and it breaks quickly. The factory making our Formé Shoe Shapers is known for making super high quality consumer products. I think women deserve this quality. When I was developing this product, many men told me to use less expensive plastic materials saying “women won’t care”. I called BS and said we do."

The Formé team appreciates great designs, like this Ferrari. And of course, we really love a good red detail. 


What's so special about a Ferrari, anyway?

Ferrari is the most well known supercar brand of all time. One of the reasons is Enzo Ferrari, he created the brand that is now established firmly in every country in the world. Although originally based in Italy, this brand took the world by storm with its sleek look and reliability.


The Air Jordan 14 Ferrari dropped in 2014, and is one of the most popular Air Jordan collections ever released.

The design was inspired by the sleek racecar. The only question is, does this sneaker actually make you faster?

Ray-Ban also did a collaboration with Ferrari, drawing inspiration from their iconic red color.

While Ferrari hasn't actually copyrighted a specific tone of red (unlike one of our favorite shoe designers) most people have come to associate the color red with this iconic sports car.

One of our favorite designers, Christian Louboutin also plays with color and brand iconography.

The Louboutin sole is iconic. Much like the Ferrari.

Both brands also lean on sleek classic designs to make a statement.

The red sole acts like a logo for Louboutin.

Whenever someone sees that flash of red on the bottom of a shoe, they know that it is a Louboutin

Aside from the red sole, Christian Louboutin also has very classic and easy to recognize designs. The pitch and style of many of his heels are instantly recognizable.

Here's a fun quiz, do you know which style this Louboutin is?

We still can't believe E! News called Formé the Ferrari of Shoe Shapers!

While some of us at the office are bigger car lovers than others, we ALL know what a Ferrari is (and we all wish we were driving one 😂). It’s truly an honor for someone to make that comparison. Our founder and inventor, Maureen Stockton spent over 4+ years designing Formé. She wanted it to be perfect.

And well… it is