Make LA's Most Instagrammable Locations Yours: Alfred Tea Room

The Alfred Tea Room near Melrose Place is one of the most popular Instagram locations in LA. Here are some tips on how to make a unique 'gram for your feed!

Street Style

 1) Do some exploring! Yes, the pink wall at Alfred Tea Room is beautiful (and we definitely took lots of photos with it) but see if you can find places like the staircase we found outside to take photos at as well. 

fashion, shoe, giuseppe, zanotti

2) Definitely wear killer shoes in nudes, pinks and creams to create a great tone on tone vibe! The simple color palette is easy to read and works beautifully with the pale peach tile used throughout this location. 

I love you so matcha with rose gold forme comfort shoe shapers

3) Use some of their sassy sayings to send a love note to your followers! Clever captions and hashtags can't match the fun of some good wall graffiti.

Rose gold forme shoe shapers alongside pink drink at alfred tea room in los angeles

4) Drink details matter! We ordered the pink drink and accented with a bright pink straw to catch our followers' eye and make them stop scrolling.  

Smiling with Forme los angeles

5) It's a proven fact that a big smile gets more likes, what's even better? Add some movement to your pose, it makes the picture look more playful and more alive!

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