My Secret to Wearing Heels All Day

Hi, I'm Amy and I lie about my shoe size. Why? My job requires me to be on my feet all day and usually in high heels. I've been a fashion model for 10 years. I typically pose for 12 hours a day and it kills my feet. So I've learned to tell the client I'm a half size bigger (I'm a 7.5 but I say I'm an 8). This was the only way I know of to help reduce some of the pain in my feet, so I could work all day. It’s no secret that walking in high heels is uncomfortable. When my shoes don’t fit properly, they can cause blisters, which just leads to even more pain. Now, with shoe shapers, I don't have to stretch the truth, this is a secret weapon to stretch my shoes. Model-amy-charsley-shoe-closet-forme-shoe-shapers-high-heelsThe morning of my shoot with Formé Shoe Shapers, I was informed that they only had size 7.5 shoes for me to model in. Although, I am a true size 7.5, I was nervous — this shoot would last all day and I didn’t want to be in pain, especially because the shots they wanted had me on my feet all day. model-any-charsley-walking-stairs-manolo-blahnik-booties-forme-shoeshapersWhen I first tried Formé Shoe Shapers, I put them in my booties while I was in hair and makeup. By the time I was done, I was able to comfortably walk around in my actual shoe size for the entire shoot! No breaks were needed thanks to my shoe shapers. Formé Shoe Shapers created a more comfortable shoe fit in about an hour.model-any-charsley-inserting-forme-shoeshaper-black-highheels-comfort-stretchThis product has completely changed the way I work. Now, I bring my Formé Shoe Shapers to every shoot, so that I work all day without having to worry about being in pain. When I arrive on set, I slide the shoe shapers into the shoes the client wants me to wear while we prepare for the shoot. I've found they make any shoes noticeably more comfortable so I can work all day. model-any-charsley-coral-chanel-jacket-forme-shoeshapers-fendi-flatshoes-stretcherHere are a few things I learned about Formé Shoe Shapers from the inventor herself: Formé Shoe Shapers prevent "gappy" heels, which are the leading cause of blisters. The handle of the product keeps the shape of the heel, so it doesn't lose its shape as you wear it. shoes-gappy-heel-blister-shoeshaper-forme-stretcher-shaper When the shape is right, my shoes don't slide off, I don't get blisters, and I can confidently run around in my shoes for work.model-amy-charsley-walking-red-flatshoes-fendi-shoeshaper-stretcher-formeI don’t know what it is about women’s shoes, but it feels like they make enough room in the toe box for maybe one or two toes, but definitely not five. And I have five! The wings on the Formé Shoe Shaper allow me to expand the toe area exactly as much as I want it to. I get to customize the fit depending on how tight the shoe is and give my toes more wiggle room, so I can walk all day. model-amy-charsley-expanding-wings-forme-shoeshaper-stretcherWhen I have more room in the toe area of all my shoes, even my favorite booties, I can walk confidently on the street in total and complete comfort. This product is the reason I can wear my true shoe size... and now, I can be true to myself and clients! Get comfort with Formé Shoe Shapers today! amy-charsley-walking-burgandy-cashmere-wrap-booties-forme-shoeshapers-stretcher