The Secret Tricks Influencers Use To Survive Fashion Week

Ever wonder how influencers survive Fashion Week? It's certainly not easy, between waking up at the crack of dawn to get makeup done and running around the city in your most stylish heels. Plus, how do you get cute pictures when you're so tired? (Like seriously, asking for a friend)

Fashion Week attendees have the busiest schedules (and no sleep). They need to create eye-catching looks that LAST all day. How do they do it?

Here are some tips and tricks from the Fashion Week Experts on how they create looks that last, manage their schedule and look fabulous while doing it.


Jessica Wang, blogger from NotJessFashion, always makes sure her purse is big enough to fit her iPhone AND her portable charger.

"Part of the job consists of updating Instagram stories and posting photos on the fly. The last thing you need is the most important tool to die on you. I always make sure I carry a backup portable charger so my iPhone never runs out of juice."

Bring your own camera.

Yes, your iPhone doubles as a camera, but sometimes its nice to bring a Polaroid camera or even a digital camera.

Cathy Peshek from Poor Little It Girl says "When you attend NYFW shows and/or presentations, you’re welcome to bring your actual camera with you to snapshots! Believe me, no one wants to see your blurry iPhone image on Instagram, so if you have a good seat and are able to get a great shot with your real camera, do it!"
Mega Influencer Shea Marie has come up with a genius (and comfortable) way to prevent your dress from wrinkling in the car... lay down completely flat!

Making sure your outfit looks great is key for anyone attending fashion week, and the little details are important. No one wants a bunch of wrinkles on their dress before the event even starts!
Content Creator, Bella Gerard uses Formé Shoe Shapers to make her shoes more comfortable.

During fashion week everyone brings their A-Game, especially their shoe game. It's no secret that a killer pair of heels can completely change an outfit, but it's also no secret that those heels can be incredibly uncomfortable.

With Formé, fashion insiders can stretch the toe area and make it possible to spend all day in their favorite heels. Yay!
Not sure what to do with your hair?

Quigley from Officially Quigley suggests trying a fun or unexpected accessory, like a headband.

"It’s like a hat, but more glamorous. Try a headband to up your accessory game. You can keep it simple with a plain velvet, or go extra glam with a full-jeweled piece."
More photo evidence that a headband paired with loose waves can make you look effortlessly chic all Fashion Week!
Flying to Fashion week? Song of Style's Aimee Song revealed that she doesn't wear much makeup on the flight, but rather packs her carry on with PLENTY of moisturizer.

"Because planes are so dry and stuffy, I never wear makeup on board, and I focus on keeping moisturized throughout the flight."

Reapply your fav moisturizer throughout the flight if necessary so that you can land feeling refreshed and ready for fashion week!
Stay hydrated! Influencers, bloggers and editors all suggest to bring a (cute) water bottle with you from show to show.

The last thing you want is to be completely parched with no time to get anything to drink!
According to FashionMag360...

"It’s New York Fashion Week, and we all know how painful those beautiful shoes can be. Although they say, “beauty hurts,” it does not have to be as painful as it looks. Formé Shoe Shapers is the only shoe shaper that safely stretches shoes up to a half a size preventing your feet from hurting when wearing your favorite shoes."

We're so happy that we were featured as the ultimate fashion secret!

Do you have any other Fashion Week survival tips? How to you stay looking fabulous all day long?