Our Story

maureen stockton formé shoe-shaper founder and inventor
As a shoe lover, I know the thrill of wearing great shoes and disappointment when favorites lose their magic. One day, preparing for an important meeting, I discovered my “go-to” pumps were pinchy and hurt.  I wanted to feel confident, but was forced to settle for second-choice shoes.  My disappointment inspired Formé Shoe-Shapers.
15 years of experience as an inventor and entrepreneur helped me create the prototypes. Fortunately, girlfriends were willing to try them and to our delight, the samples worked.  The Formé Shoe-Shaper was born! I hope you join us in experiencing the joy of rockin’ your shoes with confidence anytime, anywhere you want, whether you're wearing flats, booties, and yes— Power Pumps! 
Maureen Stockton
Formé Founder