Don't let your shoes choose your outfit


I adore shoes.  A great pair of shoes can change my mood.  A basic black dress gets instant attitude when paired with a bold pink slingback. So simple yet so impactful.  Every pair of my heels can transform an outfit.  So why did I never feel like I had the perfect heels to wear?  Because many of them were wish-they-fit shoes.  
Wish-they-fit shoes are adorable, kicky or just plain fabulous.  Wish-they-fit shoes also pinch, they’re tight, they get wrinkly and/or just plain hurt. A lot.  So there they sat, in their pretty boxes, relegated to the back of my closet- too good to give up on but a constant reminder of what could have been.  

And that’s why I invented Formé Shoe Shapers.    

31 years of experience as an inventor, entrepreneur and shoe aficionado helped me create the prototypes.  Girl friends, family and industry experts helped me test and perfect them.  My wish-they-fit shoes are out of their boxes and back in rotation and I am wearing them all pain-free. 
So pull those great heels from the back of your closet and pair them up with your favorite looks.  I promise you it’s worth it.


Maureen Stockton


1. Designed by a woman for women because until you’ve actually walked a mile in high heels you really don’t get it.
2. Meticulously and specifically designed for high heels but works in all your favs- flats, sandals, booties… 
3. Ethically sourced and manufactured because what’s good for the sole is good for the soul.

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