Why do I need Formé Shoe-Shapers?

So many reasons! Each reason has to do with helping your feet feel more comfortable in your favorite shoes and helping those shoes look great. For example, Formé Shoe-Shapers can help save your feet from that painful break-in period by doing the work for you. They can protect that “just-like-new” shape by preventing the creasing and shrinking that occurs when shoes are stored. They also improve the fit of your favorite shoes, especially the pointy-toed styles, by easing pinch points. Finally, Formé Shoe-Shapers are perfect for travel. They will protect the shape of your beautiful shoes when they are stored in your tote bag or suitcase.

How much pressure do I use?

The whole point is to protect your shoes, so start with gentle pressure for one to two hours. If you are not satisfied, gently expand more and leave in overnight or a few days. If you see ridges on the outside of your shoes, you have expanded more than the shoe can withstand. Overexpansion may damage your shoes, and nobody wants that!

How many do I need?

This is totally personal and depends on your collection. Start with one pair and use them to see how they fit with your life. For breaking in shoes, one pair will work. For shape protection, get a few more to rotate through your seasonal favorites so they always look great.


How can a shoe change its shape or shrink over time?

It’s so frustrating to dig into the back of your closet for an old favorite and find that they have shrunk or they have lost their “like-new” shape. We’ve all been there. The reason is that most stylish women’s shoes are made of leather. Leather is a natural product, so it stretches or shrinks based on heat and moisture exposure. A leather shoe expands from the warmth and pressure of your foot and shrinks when heat and pressure are removed. Formé Shoe-Shapers provide the shape and structure to keep your shoes like new.

What about the tissue paper that comes with my shoes?

I visited a famous shoe factory in Florence to learn about the shoe making process. At the end of the production line, I saw a young woman in a white lab coat carefully folding tissue paper and inserting it into the shoes. I asked my tour guide and shoe engineer, “Is that to protect their shape”? “No” he replied, “That’s just for shipping them to the stores”. Now that your shoes are home, use Formé Shoe-Shapers and toss that tissue!

How are Formé Shoe-Shapers made?

We go the extra mile to make sure your shoes look great. In fact, it takes 340 steps to make ONE pair of Formé Shoe-Shapers. Each hand-made pair of Formé Shoe-Shapers contains 76 custom-engineered components, manufactured and assembled specifically for Formé and shipped to you in 100 percent recyclable packaging.