How do I use Formé to stretch my shoes?

To stretch your shoes, expand the wings first by pushing the button forward and put in your shoes. Don’t worry if the handle doesn’t go down in the heel area. Formé was engineered so the front works without counterforce from the heel area. Check the fit in a few hours for regular or suede shoes. If they need more stretch, leave Formé in overnight. Our testing suggests that shoes with a very pointy toe will very likely take a little more time. For patent leather we recommend starting with stretching overnight and adding additional stretch time as needed.

How do I use Formé to shape my shoes?

To shape your shoes, insert the shoe shaper into your shoes and expand wings, put handle down in heel area. This will remove wrinkles and shape the heel area, so it doesn’t slip off your foot. Helpful tip: We recommend doing this after you wear your shoes and leave in overnight. Remove in the morning and use in a different pair of shoes.

What about patent leather and exotic skin shoes?

Patent leather and exotic skins, like snakeskin, are coated with plastic which makes them pretty, but more difficult to stretch. We recommend starting with an overnight stretch and checking the fit in the morning. In our own experience it has taken up five days to stretch patent and exotic skin shoes. It a little more time, but worth the effort!

How far do I need to extend the wings?

We recommend starting with just enough extension of the wings to create gentle pressure in the toe box area. Check the fit after a few hours or overnight. If you do not feel enough “wiggle room”, expand the wings a little more and leave in for a few more hours, overnight or a few days. Each shoe will respond differently based on the leather and the style of shoe.

If you see the wings create a ridge on the outside of your shoes, you have expanded them more than the shoe was designed to stretch. Overexpansion may damage your shoes, and nobody wants that!

How long do I leave them in for?

Every shoe will respond differently to Formé based on the type of leather used and the shoe style. We always recommend starting with a few hours of stretching or shaping and then checking the fit. If you feel the shoe is still too snug, add a little more time to gain the extra room. Many customers like to leave Formé their shoes overnight.