“My feet are so much more comfortable...only left them in for an hour.”


Formé Shoe Shapers


Personalize the fit of your shoes by...

Expanding The Toe Area

Reducing "Gappy" Heel Area

Eliminating Uncomfortable Toe Wrinkles

You’ll love ‘em, And your beautiful shoes will too.

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Your favorite shoes deserve the perfect fit. Now Formé Shoe-Shapers can help your shoes be more comfortable and look better for longer. With a sleek and easy to use design that creates a more comfortable fit while reducing wrinkles and creases.


Maintain the “new shoe” shape of your favorites · Protect your investment shoes · Reduce new shoe break-in discomfort


Made with Light Weight Engineered Resins & Stainless Steel Components · Scratch Resistant Coating
93 grams (size one)
111 grams (size two)


“It was pouring rain when I walked out…put Formé in overnight…couldn't tell (my shoes) had ever been worn.”


How it Works

How it works

Step One

Insert the Formé Shoe- Shaper into your shoe.

How it works

Step Two

Push the button down and slide forward to expand the wings.

How it works

Step Three

You are in control of the entire amount of pressure and shape. It’s up to you how much you need and to expand accordingly.

How it works

Step Four

The four pivot points in the toe box sense and adjust to the shape of the shoe, and work for all kinds of shoes: pointy toe, rounded toe, even square toe. All you need to do is control the width you want.

How it works

Step Five

The Formé Shoe-Shaper’s center steel spring allows you to adjust from flats to pumps.

How it works

Step Six

The heel adjustment slides easily into the back of your shoe and helps maintain its snug fit and shape.


What People Are Saying

“My feet are so much more comfortable…only left them in for an hour.”

Amy (27), Los Angeles

“Amazing they just broke in my (pointy toe) flats in 45 minutes.”

Jesse (31), Los Angeles

“Wrinkles less visible…Holding shape so much better…Now I know my shoes can stay really good.”

Renee (24), NYC

“It was pouring rain when I walked out…put Formé in overnight…couldn't tell (my shoes) had ever been worn.”

Margaret (60), Charlotte